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Karyna Gomes (Guinea-Bissau)

Karyna Gomes is a singer and composer from Guinea-Bissau. She started singing gospel music in 1997 in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the age of 21, while she studied journalism. Her passion for music was nurtured from an early age due in part, to the fact that she grew up surrounded by musicians in Guinea-Bissau. Daughter of a revolutionary Guinean father and Cape Verdean mother, she was born in the capital Bissau in 1976, a few years after independence. In 2007 she received an invitation from Adriano Ferreira (Atchutchi) to join the historical and revolutionary group ‘Super Mama Djombo’, participating on their album ‘ArPuro’. She toured with this group around the world (in Hertme in 2012), combining with her embryonic solo career. In October 2014 she released her debut solo album 'Mindjer' which means 'woman'. The album is dedicated to the Guinean women and those from around the world for their determination, strength and courage. Karyna started her international tour in the Atlantic Music Expo 2015 held in the City of Praia, Cape Verde.

Orlando Julius & the Heliocentrics

Orlando Julius can be described as one of the most important musicians from Africa in the 60’s & 70’s. Before the term ‘Afrobeat’ was even created, Julius was busy creating his mix of Nigerian Highlife, Funk, Soul & Jazz. In 1966 he released ‘Super Afro Soul’ and became a star, not only in Nigeria, but all over the African continent. That sound was to have a major influence on Fela Kuti. In 1974 Julius located to the United States and landed straight into the soul world, working with such luminaries as Hugh Masekela. 1998 he returned to his homeland Nigeria and soon discovered that his albums from the 60’s & 70’s commanded a huge price and were highly sought after, which gave Julius the inspiration to return to making music. Together with the London band ‘The Heliocentrics’ he released the album ‘Jaiyede Afro’. Robert van Gijssel described it in the Dutch national paper ‘De Volkskrant’ as the funkiest and at the same time the subtlest African releases of 2015. Orlando Julius will be appearing this summer at ‘Afrikafestival Hertme’ together with the Heliocentrics.

Orlando Julius, vocals, Tenor saxophone
Malcolm Catto, drums
Jake Ferguson, bass
Adrian Owuson, percussion, backing vocals
Matt Roberts, trumpet
Ray Carless, baritone saxophone
Latoya Ekemode, backing vocals, dance

Bamba Wassoulou Groove (Mali)

Percussionist Bamba Dembélé assembled this septet hailing from Mali’s capital city Bamako in 2012. The frenzied music of Bamba Wassoulou Groove bears certainly more than a passing reference to the Super Djata Band & their brilliant guitarist Zani Diabaté. Bamba Dembélé's band gives the music a contemporary feel, mixing rock, blues, psychedelia with a good healthy portion of traditional rhythms & melodies of the Bambara, Mali’s largest ethnical group, together with music from the Wassoulou region.
Bamba Wassoulou’s repertoire consists mostly of own compositions & Super Djata Band covers, guaranteeing a show full of intensity & expressiveness. Deep in the sultry Malian dance music, sitting still is certainly not an option. Last year their debut album ‘Farima’ was released on Label Bleu records.

Ousmane Diakité vocals
Moussa Diabaté guitar
Mamadou Diabaté guitar
Abdrahamany Diarra guitar
Aboubacar Diombana bass
Bamba Dembélé, percussio
Maguett Diop, drums