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Kidsgear Children's Choir (Uganda)

The choir consists of 16 children who have raised money in recent months for their school 'Kidsgear' in Uganda. This money was raised by the choir in various primary schools, streets and squares with their swinging performances.
They are accompanied by some Ugandan teachers.

Mahmoud Ahmed & Badume’s Band, Ethiopia

Ethiopias greatest singer

Mahmoud Ahmed is one of the great singers of Ethiopia, where bands playing ‘modern music’ regularly fill the stadiums and sell hundreds of thousands of cassettes. Mahmoud Ahmed has been at it longer than most. Mahmoud has been a big star for years, has created many standards, and is famed in Ethiopian communities throughout the world. His greatest gift is as a live performer, a master at unleasing the ‘euskeuta’, an ecstatic shivering of the shoulders than can spread like an epidemic across Ethiopian dance floors”...

Kasai Allstars, DR Congo

Intoxicating trance music from the heart of Africa; a startling blend of tradition and urban

Kasai Allstars draws on traditional trance music, to which they’ve incorporated heavily-distorted sounds generated by DIY amplification of their instruments. But, coming from an area which is musically very rich, they use diverse rhythms, timbres and instrumentation: the trademark electrified thumb pianos are joined by an array of buzzing drums, swirling guitars and hypnotic balafons.