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On this page you will find more information concerning press related issues of the Afrika Festival Hertme.

I would like to get in contact with the organization of the Afrika Festival Hertme. Whom should I address to?

If you have any questions about press accreditation, or if you want to interview our festival programmer, artists or any other person, please contact Frank Mulder (PR, marketing communications) per e-mail:

What are the terms and conditions for receiving a press accreditation?

Accredited journalists are expected to publish an announcement and coverage of the festival in the media they represent. Coverage of the Afrika Festival Hertme (whether in print or audiovisual media) is expected to be sent to us as soon as possible. Renewal of accreditation is partly based on evidence of previous coverage. The Afrika Festival Hertme reserves the right to approve or deny accreditation.

Can I receive compensation for my transportation or stay?

No, Afrika Festival Hertme does not compensate nor assist in your transportation or stay.

Until when can press accreditation be applied for?

For 2018, press accreditation will close on the 25th of June.